Hello friends!
Welcome to another segment of Cosmic Update, where I pull information from several magical sources to bring you my twist on the current cosmic events.

There's a lot going on this week!
Today is the New Moon in Aquarius! It is the second New Moon in January, a rare occasion that is called a "Black Moon". It is considered an extra potent time for magic and manifestation! It is ALSO the second Super Moon of January (SuperMoon just means it is in the closest point of orbit to the Earth), so there's a lot of heightened energy right now, ready for us to use to our highest good!

This Aquarian New Moon is a dynamic force for new beginnings. Amazing new cycles are starting and the last few months of going within, weeding out our soul-gardens, and planting new seeds of intention are finally coming to fruition. Keep your eyes (including third eye) open to opportunities, possibilities, and chances for growth and joy. Get fired up, get creative, and get ready for all of the new adventures coming your way! It is up to you to go after your dreams-leave your doubts, fears, and expectations behind because the sky is the limit.
We must honor our inner truths and be our most authentic and powerful selves. When we shine our unique and beautiful light, we are adding to the collective global energy that is shifting towards unconditional love, unity and harmony. There is so much power when all join together towards a common goal- we truly are anchoring in The Age of Aquarius! Find community of like-minded people, support/mirror/create together, and see what beauty unfurls. Celebrate your inner Goddess as this "yin" energy is strong right now. Finally- trust what comes up for you (internally, externally, symbols, patterns, ideas, dreams) as these are Divine messages, signs to pay attention to and find meaning for within.
Perhaps tonight as you stare up at the dark sky you can take a few minutes to call in your heart's desires, dream big, and give thanks. Whatever you do- know that life is unfolding as it should, you are kickin' ass and good things are coming!

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, beginning of the Year of the Wood Horse. I'll go more into detail on that tomorrow! I only mention it because this is the last day of Year of the Snake- a time of shedding old skins, releasing that which no longer serves, and transforming into our best possible selves. So we're shifting a LOT right now, getting ready for Year of the Horse! Yay!

There's a ton of great information out there about today's New Moon. I highly recommend checking out:
  • MysticMamma - this goddess draws info from various astrology sources and puts them all in one centralized place. This is my go-to guide for what's going on in the stars!
    Here's her take on today.
  • The Power Path- this amazing shamanic website has a plethora of articles, forecasts, and tools to ride the many different waves of energy that come. I'd also recommend you take a look at their Monthly Forecasts, as it sets a theme for the month and gives really specific dates and tools to help you navigate it all.
                 Check out their interpretation of today's New Moon.   

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you a very Happy New Aquarian Moon! If you have any new perspectives to add, or your personal experiences, please feel free to leave a comment!

All my love,