Hello dear ones!

How are you all doing today? Perhaps feeling a little overwhelmed, or feeling out of whack, overly sensitive, angry, sad, stressed, triggered? Or perhaps you're having an absolutely fantastic day? Either way (or if you're somewhere else on the spectrum)- You are not alone! Astrologically/energetically, there is a WHOLE lot going on right now, so a lot of people are feeling pretty blasted and all over the place (myself included). There are a few different aspects of what's currently going on, so let's dive in!

            Some key words/phrases that really struck me about this New Moon were: revolutionary, transformation,                  courage, activation, spiritual warrior, call to action, divine spark within, pivotal time of change, embrace your                     individual life path, birthing a new way of viewing light, change old patterns, find your center,                                                             personal/collective/global shift. Hooboy! That is some pretty profound stuff! Then again, Aries (a fire sign             ruled by Mars) doesn't really do anything halfway..
  •     The beginning of April brought some more insight from The Power Path, an incredible website based in shamanic wisdom that in my experience is almost always completely spot on. You can read about the monthly forecast of April here. April's theme is INTENSITY!!! (Hasn't that been the theme for the last few weeks.. months.. years..?) This article has some incredible detail, including general info, sections on relationships, health, environment, and specific dates to be aware of.
        I would love to just copy and paste ten jillion different quotes here because it's all so resonant, but instead         I'll just share some snippets that really felt powerful to me: intensity, transformation, power, dynamism,                     expansion, use intention wisely (energy will go along with attention, good or bad), trust Spirit, global evolution,             miracles, equilibrium, evolution, take responsibility, creativity, "This time is calling us to step up to the plate and             really put into action everything we have studied, downloaded and learned in the past few years. If not now,                     when?" Do you notice some repeated words? The picture below is pretty much how I'm feeling right now.
  • As both of these articles mention, there are going to be 2 eclipses this month- Full Moon with a total Lunar Eclipse at 1:42 AM MST Tuesday, April 15 and a New Moon with an annular solar eclipse on 12:14 AM MST Tuesday, April 29. Eclipses bring extremely heightened energy- usually it represents some sort of end/beginning/rebirth/transformation, an opportunity to take a step back and evaluate who you are, what you want, and where you're going. Guess what is smack dab in the middle of these 2 events? A Grand Cross of Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, and Pluto! Don't know exactly what this means? That's okay- neither did I! Thankfully, Mystic Mamma is here to enlighten us.
            A Grand Cross consists of 4 planets being "squared" (or in 90 degree angles) to each other, which                         usually means that these planets are all in opposition of each other. As Katie Sweetman says (included in             the MM link below), "Just think of a big square in the sky and you’re in the middle and everyone is arguing             around you; everyone has their own agenda and not cooperating. It would be hard to be in that vortex of             energy,  right?" Although most astrology websites are focusing on the negative or difficult aspects of                 this event, don't get too freaked out- the stars are going to do their thing regardless but we have the                         power to choose how we react!

        Here are some key words/phrases from MM's collection of astrological readings that you can read here:                 intense, powerful, change, transformation, rebirth, introspection, challenges, warrior within, have faith,                                 potential for a shift of both personal and collective orientation, there is no destination on this path other than the             path itself, release, focus, intention, dynamic tension. I'm sensing a theme here....

So, the bottom line is- this intense energy is here, right now, and it's only going to get more intense. How we navigate this time is up to us and will have serious ripple effects. We are creating our future (personal/global) with our thoughts, actions, and words- what kind of future do we want? Keep this in mind as we experience and respond to this heightened energy. Remember to ground, focus, shield, stay in your power, use your intention very wisely as things are manifesting/shifting very quickly. But also allow yourself to just be present in how you're feeling- as Sarah Varcas so wisely said (quoted in the Grand Cross MM article), "Whatever we are experiencing at this time is our own personal fuel for the journey ahead and not to be judged, dismissed or denied, only acknowledged, embraced and respected for the message it holds for us." Be brave, know you're not alone, and be the best self you can be! We can do this together!

One last thing- MM also shared a lovely little channeling about making room for happiness in our lives. I thought with all of this intensity, it's good to remember that we're going through these shifts to move into our higher selves and make room for new growth! Check out the article here.

Good luck my friends. I am very curious- what parts of these articles really resonated or stood out to you? Do you have any other recommended astrological websites? What intuitive information are you getting that could mirror for someone else reading? Please feel free to comment below, I am very very interested to see your input!

Many blessings,
Hello friends!
Welcome to another segment of Cosmic Update, where I pull information from several magical sources to bring you my twist on the current cosmic events.

There's a lot going on this week!
Today is the New Moon in Aquarius! It is the second New Moon in January, a rare occasion that is called a "Black Moon". It is considered an extra potent time for magic and manifestation! It is ALSO the second Super Moon of January (SuperMoon just means it is in the closest point of orbit to the Earth), so there's a lot of heightened energy right now, ready for us to use to our highest good!

This Aquarian New Moon is a dynamic force for new beginnings. Amazing new cycles are starting and the last few months of going within, weeding out our soul-gardens, and planting new seeds of intention are finally coming to fruition. Keep your eyes (including third eye) open to opportunities, possibilities, and chances for growth and joy. Get fired up, get creative, and get ready for all of the new adventures coming your way! It is up to you to go after your dreams-leave your doubts, fears, and expectations behind because the sky is the limit.
We must honor our inner truths and be our most authentic and powerful selves. When we shine our unique and beautiful light, we are adding to the collective global energy that is shifting towards unconditional love, unity and harmony. There is so much power when all join together towards a common goal- we truly are anchoring in The Age of Aquarius! Find community of like-minded people, support/mirror/create together, and see what beauty unfurls. Celebrate your inner Goddess as this "yin" energy is strong right now. Finally- trust what comes up for you (internally, externally, symbols, patterns, ideas, dreams) as these are Divine messages, signs to pay attention to and find meaning for within.
Perhaps tonight as you stare up at the dark sky you can take a few minutes to call in your heart's desires, dream big, and give thanks. Whatever you do- know that life is unfolding as it should, you are kickin' ass and good things are coming!

Tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, beginning of the Year of the Wood Horse. I'll go more into detail on that tomorrow! I only mention it because this is the last day of Year of the Snake- a time of shedding old skins, releasing that which no longer serves, and transforming into our best possible selves. So we're shifting a LOT right now, getting ready for Year of the Horse! Yay!

There's a ton of great information out there about today's New Moon. I highly recommend checking out:
  • MysticMamma - this goddess draws info from various astrology sources and puts them all in one centralized place. This is my go-to guide for what's going on in the stars!
    Here's her take on today.
  • The Power Path- this amazing shamanic website has a plethora of articles, forecasts, and tools to ride the many different waves of energy that come. I'd also recommend you take a look at their Monthly Forecasts, as it sets a theme for the month and gives really specific dates and tools to help you navigate it all.
                 Check out their interpretation of today's New Moon.   

Thanks for stopping by, I wish you a very Happy New Aquarian Moon! If you have any new perspectives to add, or your personal experiences, please feel free to leave a comment!

All my love,
Happy Full Moon, my friends!

Welcome to a new Reiki Rose Blog segment called Cosmic Update. I will be bringing you information about what is happening in our little corner of the universe! I often find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed, overly sensitive and then take a look at the calendar and say, "OH! It's the full moon tomorrow! No wonder!" or "OH! It's Mercury Retrograde! Better make sure I am extra careful about my communication with the world!" It's nice to get insight from various wise sources to validate and get a deeper understanding of our experience as sensitive human beings on Earth.

The Full Moon is tomorrow Tuesday December 17th at 2:28 AM MST (9:28 am GMT).
It will be in Gemini, a sign of duality, balance, and expressing inner truths and thoughts. There's a lot of intense energy flying around, as we're coming up to the Winter Solstice on December 21st. Take this time to go within, ask for guidance, and listen to what comes up- your intuition knows best! It will be important to be mindful of the way we express ourselves, as there is potential for a bit of overshare and friction with those closest to us. Keep centered in your breath, stay in your heart space, and really take this opportunity to look at what you want to shine the bright light of the Full Moon on. As always, this lunar phase brings many chances for introspection, taking a hard look at ourselves and where our lives are going, release what no longer serves us or keeps us small, and the ability to realign to what is really most important. There is so much magic in the air- use this darkness and quiet of winter to plan, dream, and manifest what you want to create in 2014. This is the last full moon of 2013- take advantage of this potent time to its fullest! As always, the message of SURRENDER and TRUST is a big one to work with- a deep knowing that everything (even if it seems stressful or like it must dissolve for new growth to exist) will work out exactly as it should.

You don't need to have a big fancy lunar ritual if that isn't your style. Honoring the Full Moon can be as simple as looking up at her shining face and expressing your gratitude for this amazing life! It is quick and easy to thank her for guiding, enlightening, and blessing you in all that you do.  Perhaps this could be a time to consciously release what you no longer need, and manifest some of the dreams you have been holding in your heart. Do what feels right!

Thank you Grandmother Moon. Thank YOU for stopping by, and good luck!

Hello my dears!

    Today is the New Moon in Sagitarrius, a perfect time to take the lessons we learned from this past (rough) month in Scorpio and apply them to the future that lays ahead.

    Magic Monday is a new installment for this blog which will feature spells, affirmations, information about Sabbats, crystals, and all things mystical.

    I absolutely love this website called MysticMamma. There you can find collections of wisdom
lovingly gathered from all corners of the interwebs, and lots of beautiful insight and inspiration. Here is her link for today's New Moon in Sag, I'd highly recommend giving it a read to help bring these potent themes of inner searching, transformation, and growth to the forefront of your mind! (Bookmark her site- there is always a plethora of loveliness there :D)

    After reading her collection about today, I felt very called to write a spell around these themes. If this resonates with you, please feel free to use it- perhaps light a candle and concentrate on the energy of the New Moon, a time to look within, you can say it once or repeat however many times you'd like (3 is a powerful number). If it doesn't resonate- no worries, you don't have to practice magic to enjoy this blog! Another way to frame it, if the thought of spellcasting isn't right for you, is that this is a simple prayer to Creator (whatever name you may use). :) Please know that this spell was written with love and only intentions of the highest vibration. Let me repeat that: This spell was written with love and only the best intentions- it can only be used in the way it was created.

New Moon 12/2/13

I call upon my inner spark
To guide me through the winter dark
Fill me with Divine love & light
On this December new moon night

So that I may find my way.
With an open heart, I pray.
These questions haunt my mind-
Am I off balance or aligned?
What and who do I want to be?
How can I find my True Me?
I ask you, Source, to answer true
Show me signs, give me a clue

Enlighten me and help me know
Where my path is supposed to go.
Please bring clarity and deep peace,
I trust & surrender what needs release,
Peeling back old patterns & pain,
Each layer falls easily down the drain
Bringing me back to my core
I look within & love myself even more.
Free from doubt & fear, look how I soar!
Blessed be.

    I wish you all the best of luck on this New Moon! Please comment below if you have any responses to the MysticMamma or spell, or if you want to share any additional insights/affirmations/spells. Thank you very much for your time!