Hello my dears!

    Today is the New Moon in Sagitarrius, a perfect time to take the lessons we learned from this past (rough) month in Scorpio and apply them to the future that lays ahead.

    Magic Monday is a new installment for this blog which will feature spells, affirmations, information about Sabbats, crystals, and all things mystical.

    I absolutely love this website called MysticMamma. There you can find collections of wisdom
lovingly gathered from all corners of the interwebs, and lots of beautiful insight and inspiration. Here is her link for today's New Moon in Sag, I'd highly recommend giving it a read to help bring these potent themes of inner searching, transformation, and growth to the forefront of your mind! (Bookmark her site- there is always a plethora of loveliness there :D)

    After reading her collection about today, I felt very called to write a spell around these themes. If this resonates with you, please feel free to use it- perhaps light a candle and concentrate on the energy of the New Moon, a time to look within, you can say it once or repeat however many times you'd like (3 is a powerful number). If it doesn't resonate- no worries, you don't have to practice magic to enjoy this blog! Another way to frame it, if the thought of spellcasting isn't right for you, is that this is a simple prayer to Creator (whatever name you may use). :) Please know that this spell was written with love and only intentions of the highest vibration. Let me repeat that: This spell was written with love and only the best intentions- it can only be used in the way it was created.

New Moon 12/2/13

I call upon my inner spark
To guide me through the winter dark
Fill me with Divine love & light
On this December new moon night

So that I may find my way.
With an open heart, I pray.
These questions haunt my mind-
Am I off balance or aligned?
What and who do I want to be?
How can I find my True Me?
I ask you, Source, to answer true
Show me signs, give me a clue

Enlighten me and help me know
Where my path is supposed to go.
Please bring clarity and deep peace,
I trust & surrender what needs release,
Peeling back old patterns & pain,
Each layer falls easily down the drain
Bringing me back to my core
I look within & love myself even more.
Free from doubt & fear, look how I soar!
Blessed be.

    I wish you all the best of luck on this New Moon! Please comment below if you have any responses to the MysticMamma or spell, or if you want to share any additional insights/affirmations/spells. Thank you very much for your time!