Welcome to a new segment called Tuesday Tarot! Julia and I have always loved oracle and tarot cards, and it seemed like a perfect start to the Reiki Rose Blog- to ask for some wisdom to share with you all. We shuffled them with the intention to receive whatever messages we (personally and communally) needed. This deck is called Angel Tarot Cards © Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine.
“12” Awakening
Archangel Gabriel

Card Meaning:
Look at things from a different perspective. A temporary standstill. It's important to be yourself.

"It's time to review your plans, according to this card, and look at things from a new perspective. Ask yourself: is it possible that a different approach would work better? Although it may feel like events have come to a standstill, this is temporary. So, make use of the extra time you've been given to rethink your strategies.
You may need to step outside of the norm and the mainstream right now and embrace your unique and eclectic beliefs or attitudes. It's also a good moment to be generous with your time, attention, and gifts. This "tithing" is returned by the Universe manyfold to you!
Additional meanings of this card: Epiphanies. Selflessness. Unexpected life changes. The need for patience. The power that lies in being oneself. Unusual solutions."

Personal Insight:
I am currently feeling torn on which path to take in life. After drawing the Archangel Gabriel card I did some inner searching for answers. The card mentions a temporary standstill. Taking on a full time class schedule while working and being a full time mom left me feeling depleted. I was forced to withdraw from my courses due to babysitting conflicts. This gave me the opportunity to take a step back and reorganize my priorities. As I meditated over the awakening card, I felt a clear message telling me to listen for clues about my highest calling. This sparked the other element of this tarot card which is: Looking at things from a different perspective. I have felt a lot of pressure to pursue a Marketing degree and have a life that is acceptable to society but I know the universe has it's own plan.

Card Artwork Interpretation:
At first sight, the image appears to be upside down. Upon further examination it may just be encouraging the reader to look at the world from a different point of view. The wings embrace Archangel Gabriel and allow him to spread his spiritual guidance. The hues of gold and yellow symbolize renewal, light and the healing spirit.

Invocation by Doreen Virtue
~"Archangel Gabriel. I ask for your presence as I (describe situation). Please open my creative channels so that I may be truly inspired. Help me open my mind so that I may give birth to unique ideas. And please help me sustain the energy and motivation to follow through on this inspiration. Thank you Gabriel."~(www.healyourlife.com)

“10” The Wheel
Archangel Michael

Card Meaning:
A time of positive change. A situation suddenly moves forward. Fortune is on your side!

"The angels sent you this card because of positive changes occurring in your life. Expect and enjoy beneficial new opportunities as they present themselves. This is an optimal time to make big and small changes. Take the leap with the knowledge that everything will work well for you.
Old blocks are lifting, and everything now moves forward quickly. If recent events shook your faith, you'll now see how they were actually positive for you. Rapid advancement is likely now.
Additional meanings of this card: Good luck. A happy accident. Balanced karma. A miracle. A twist of fate. Destiny."

Personal Insight:

Life is all about circles and cycles- our spherical planet, the cycles of menstruation and the waxing/waning moon. The Wheel is always turning. This card speaks of big shifts, growth and moving forward. This is the second time that The Wheel has come up for me in the past few tarot spreads. There have been many different transitions in my world this month (/last few months/year/last few years...) and this powerful Major Arcana brings hope. Tarot speaks of not only the light but also the shadow, and acknowledges that life is a cycle of the two. It feels like I've been on a lower point of the cycle lately, and I am ready for the tides to turn in my favor. I've always resonated with Archangel Michael, and I often call upon him for strength, guidance, protection, and blessing. Now that all of the Mercury Retrograde fog is lifting, my path seems much brighter and more clear. I'm inspired to follow my passion, shine my light, and surrender all of my anxieties/fears/doubts to Divine. I trust that miracles are coming my way.

Card Artwork Interpretation:
The powerful figure of Archangel Michael stands proudly in the middle of the beautiful card. All 12 astrological symbols are inscripted on each section of the wheel, showing the wholeness of which we are a part. Air, Fire, Water, and Earth can be found in each corner, bringing the elements into balance. The colors of growth (green) and joy (yellow) bring the essence of positive change to the spinning of The Wheel.
What do these cards mean to you? Please share below! And thanks for reading :)


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